Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Countdown has Begun!

Last night Jamie and I put the finishing touches on the letter and headed to the printer.  This morning, Piper and I sorted bracelets and started putting packets together.  We all began making our lists... each of us choosing 10 people (that was by far the hardest part... we could have easily choosen more!) As I type, Jamie is working with Brayden and Piper on an "assembly line," frantically trying to get everything together before church.  But through the chaos, I can't help but smile... seeing my family work with enthusiasm for Jesus.

If you are reading this page, it's safe to assume that you've been challenged to be a L.I.T.E.  And, yes, we know this is the incorrect spelling... but you try coming up with an acronym using LIGHT!  Over the past few months, God has stirred our hearts in an amazing way.  Jamie and I have become so focused on helping our children live out their faith.  But, being so much wiser than their parents, they constantly reminded us that following Jesus is "really hard."  Sydney even asked for something that would always remind her of Jesus... for those moments when she needs encouragment... prompting.... boldness.  From that, the bracelets were created.

Starting October 1st, our family will be putting together a daily devotional for 30 days.  We will all be contributing.  (Jamie's even agreed to write a few!)  God has really pressed upon our hearts that our ability to love and serve this broken world... in the name of Jesus... is created and forever fueled by a true and everlasting love... both His AND OURS!!!!  But, for some of us, this is easier said than done.  We give our time... We give our money... But do we do it in the name of Jesus?  The more important question: Do we ever mention His name and give the glory to Him? These questions have rattled our family and have led us on an amazing journey.  We don't want to be humanitarians, doing community service for the sake of doing "good."  We want to be disciples, pointing others to Jesus.  We want to fall in love with Jesus so much that He turns our lives upside-down... or maybe that's right-side-up.

We hope you are willing to take this journey with us.  We've already started putting some of the devotionals together and I can promise you that they will make you uncomfortable.  They will push you.  They will make you think and re-evaluate.  And I think they will make you love Him more... that's definitely been the case here. In the meantime, wear your bracelets.  Let them act as a reminder to Think Intentionally (Don't let precious moments pass you by... those moments where Jesus can be introduced.  In your interactions at home, or at work; at the gym or with friends, be intentional and show the love of Jesus to everyone.) Think Eternally (When making decisions, try to do so with an eternal prespective in place... not a worldly perspective.  Constantly ask yourself: Does this have eternal value?  This question alone will change your life DRASTICALLY!!!!!!

Our family will be praying for you and we ask that you pray for us as well.  We are so excited to see how God will be glorified... and how our love for Him will radically change our lives.

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